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Curtains for Living Room

A living room is usually a central place in every home. It’s where you hang out with family and friends or by yourself, talk, read, play board games, or eat. This means laughter, joy, and memories. So why wouldn’t you choose the best quality product for the room where your most precious moments take place? Deconovo drapes provide softness and luxury, making your living room look welcoming and elegant. An excellent solution for the relaxed atmosphere of this room is linen curtains. They offer a natural look and a rustic touch that fits well with any wooden furniture.

Curtains for Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and good-quality sleep. Our blackout curtains are the best option for bedrooms since they provide up to 100% light blocking and good thermal insulation. But our bedroom drapes wouldn’t be so popular if we didn’t offer the best materials and a great choice of colors and patterns that can fit into any existing room design. Choose a velvet or cashmere collection for the best combination of luxurious soft material with excellent light and thermal protection that will complete the relaxing look of your bedroom.

Kitchen Curtains

We recommend our designer series for kitchen curtains, as each collection brings authentic expression and design solutions that can add joy and happiness to any kitchen. Whether you are a fan of classic, urban, farmhouse, or boho style, we have it all. Combine our fantastic kitchen drapes with matching cushion covers or tablecloths for maximum coziness.

Shower Curtains

Last but not least - our unique shower curtains will complete the look of your home and provide you with practicality and great design. High-quality shower curtains are essential for an enjoyable and relaxing showering experience. Why wouldn’t you spoil yourself with our collection and allow yourself to love every detail of your bathroom? Combine our shower curtains with our exceptionally soft bath rugs for showers that are pure delight.

How to Choose Curtains

Choosing the right curtains for your home doesn't sound like a complicated task, but there are a lot of factors that go into the decision. It's common to see people standing in a hardware or department store looking completely bewildered or frustrated because they didn't realize just how many options are available.

Curtains are an excellent way to bring any room together and showcase your unique style, but it's best to go shopping only when you're fully prepared. Below are five important tips that will help you choose the perfect treatments for any room in your house.

1. Consider the Room

This one might seem obvious, but your first step should be to consider every aspect of the room you're choosing the draperies for.

If it's abedroom, you may want ablackout styleto minimize the amount of light that filters in. For aliving roomorkitchen, you may want to have an airy, sheer set behind another, heavier set so that you can control how much light and privacy the space gets.

The purpose of the room can help narrow down your potential options considerably, so this is a good first step to take when choosing the perfect draperies.

2. Decide on Color and Fabric

There are almost as many fabric options as there are colors to choose from. You should make sure you understand the differences before you start shopping, or you'll end up frustrated.

Heavy fabrics like velvet, damask or silk are best for large spaces that have a polished, formal aesthetic. While these fabrics provide plenty of privacy andthermal insulation, they can be difficult to clean. Heavier materials also tend to close up a room, so they can make a small space feel stuffy.

For less formal spaces, cotton or linen are usually the best choices. While some of these drapes let in plenty of light, it's also possible to get light weight drapes that are lined with special, light-blocking fabric for extra insulation. These are popular for bedrooms and spaces that require a bit more privacy.

Most of these fabrics come in an array of finishes and designs, so you'll also need to decide on things like sheen and texture while shopping. It can be helpful to bring paint chips and fabric swatches from the room so that you can compare colors before purchasing.

3. Don't Forget About Hanging Options

The two most common hanging styles are tracks and rods.

Using a track system is popular for its convenience and smoothness. Draperies are able to be moved around potentially awkward spots like curved windows or corners without fuss, and they are relatively soundless.

Using a pole or rod means that it will always be visible unless you decide to cover it with a valance, pelmet or specially-designed set of draperies. If you choose a decorative rod, however, being able to see it can be incorporated into the room's aesthetic.

4. Choose a Style

How your draperies attach to your chosen window hardware is referred to as the "heading style." This is where you will see terms like rod pocket, grommet, tab top, back tab, eyelet and tie top.Learn more here.

Rod pocket curtains, as the name suggests, are threaded onto the pole through a small pocket at the top of the fabric. This covers the hardware completely, but it can make it difficult to slide the draperies open and closed. You'll also need to ensure that the pocket is wide enough for your hardware.

Choosinggrommeted, tie top, eyelet or tab top styles means that the treatments will have more mobility and durability. However, you should keep in mind that the rod will be exposed, so it's important to make sure that it matches the decor.

5. Measure Your Windows

This is another one that seems obvious, but you should double-check all of your measurements before shopping. Remember that you will need not only the width and height of your window but also the distance from the rod to the floor. This will help you determine how long your chosen treatments will actually be when hung. Here's a detailed guide onhow you can measure curtains.

In Summary

Window treatments are a vital part of any finished space. Despite the number of choices available, if you start your shopping with the right preparations, picking the perfect style will be a breeze.

Curtains - High Quality & Stylish Curtains - Deconovo US (2024)
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