Everything You Need to Know About Y Strainer (2024)

A Y Strainer is also referred to as a Y filters or Y Strainer Valve, which is designed to separate foreign matter from pipelines and safeguard pumps, meters, sensors, valves, and other various mechanical devices.

Y-Strainer could be specified as a pipeline devicethrough which liquid is passed for filtration, purification, or removal from solid matter; any device that isused to filter a liquid; any device used as a sieve or filter to prevent solids from mixing in a liquid stream or flow.

Strainers arrest pipeline debris such as scales, corrosion, jointing compounds, and welding metal in pipelines, shielding machinery and systems from their adverse effects while minimizing downtime and repairs. The use of correctly chosen strainers at correct positions (usually upstream) is a must to protect costly and vital downstream machinery such as pumps, flow meters, steam traps, control valves, etc.

1 What is Y Strainer?

2 How does Y-Strainer work?

3 Feature and benefit of Y-Type Strainer

4 Application of Y-Strainer

5 How do you clean a Y-Strainer?

6 Summary:

What is Y Strainer?

YType Strainers are named because of their shape and are commonly used forcoarsefiltration or pre-filtration.But as it has a wide filtration area, it can alsobe used with fine mesh. The Strainer increases the clearance of the medium and extends the life of the valves; protects costly pumps, meters, and other mechanical devices. It is ideal for water, air, coal, petroleum, steam, and other liquids.

Y Strainer can be installed in either of vertical or horizontal direction with the filtration element pointing downwards which provides the material to be collected at a lowermost point of the strainer mesh. It also comes with a blow-off connection for automatic cleaning.

How does Y-Strainer work?

In the Y type strainer, the filtration leg is attached to the main pipeline at an angle, the shape of which is like ‘Y’ and called Y Strainer. A Y Type strainer is typically used in high-pressure pipelines, steam, liquid, or gas, but it can be used in vacuum or suction conditions.

Y-type strainershave a lower dirt holding capacity owing to the need for more frequent cleaning. This is usually not an issue with steam systems, except where high levels of rust are present, or shortly after commissioning where large quantities of debris can be added.

In applications where large quantities of debris are present, the blow valve will normally be installed into the strainer cap, which allows the strainer to use the steam pressure to be cleaned and without shutting down the process.

Feature and benefit of Y-Type Strainer

Y type pipe strainer has many advantages over another type of strainers which makes these devices durable and economic for business owners, some of the benefits of Y-Strainers are:

  • Y-Strainers can be installed in both Horizontal and Vertical orientation which makes the installation more versatile and easier.
  • As Y-Strainer is compact it is comparatively cheaper.
  • Y-Strainers can withstand more pressure than other types of strainers.

Application of Y-Strainer

The industries in which y strainers are best used are those in need of continuous protection against debris. The most popular use for y strainers is in steam applications. Owing to its design, the Y-Type strainer has no difficulties handling the high pressure applied to steam.

Y strainers are also used for liquid applications. Sand and gravel are two very common forms of debris that pose a significant challenge to liquid applications. When combined with applications for water handling, y strainers are used to secure devices that may otherwise be affected or clogged by different unwanted particles.

Y-Strainer is considered asthe standard for steam systems and iscommonly used for these systems, but it can be used for other fluids also. Its lightweight, cylindrical shape is very effective and can withstand high pressures. Y-Strainers that withstand pressures up to 6000 psi are widely used. And in these situations, the design of the strainer is important so that it can handle these high pressures without failing. The temperature is another element to be noticed under such high pressure. Standard carbon steel is not ideal for steam pressures of 1500 psi or higher, since the steam temperature is 1000°F or higher. In such instances, the Y-Strainer body is typically made of chrome-moly alloy.

Y-Strainers are also used in applications including air and natural gas in addition to steam. Again, high pressures are normal. However, high air pressure does not always mean high temperatures, and ordinary carbon steel bodies with adequate wall thickness can be used.

How do you clean a Y-Strainer?

Always depressurize the pipeline where the strainer is fitted before cleaning a Y-Strainer. The Y-strainer meshcan be washedby extracting the plugin the bushing, cap, and bolt cover, enabling the strainer to clear the loose dirtymaterial within the screen. When the blow-off valve is attached to the strainer, it can be opened to obtain the same effect as the above. You may also clean the Y-strainer meshby removing the co*ck, cap, or cover for accessing the filterobject.

Care should be taken whilewashing the screen. After extracting the filter screen, it should be immersed in a cleaning solvent or washed usinga brush. Do not make stuck materials to harden on the filterscreen, as it would be difficult to clean afterward. A routine cleaningplan is recommended to avoid clogging of screens.

The pressure gauge isrecommendedto beinstalled before and after the strainer thatwill indicate a loss of pressure due to clogging. This can help to set up a maintenance schedule for cleaning the filter screen. Extra filteringscreens can be helpful to keep the system in operationduring the cleaning process.


Y-Strainers are tools for the mechanical separation of unnecessary solids from liquid, gas, or steam lines by use of a perforated or wire mesh strainer. They are used in pipelines to secure pumps, meters, control valves, steam traps, regulators, and other process machinery. NTGD valve is a professional Y strainer manufacturer, please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Everything You Need to Know About Y Strainer (2024)
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