Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (2024)

There are plenty of side quests around the Spiral. Some give you loot, some provide an intriguing backstory, and others give great XP. However, some side quests stand out, as they give you unique and rare rewards. Furthermore, these quests make your Wizard101 life easier and enhance your experience as a whole. This piece will feature some of those quests. Note that I will include only standalone side quests and not entire side worlds, even though they are worthwhile to complete.

Training Points

We will start with training point quests, which are, in my opinion, the most important ones on the list. Training points allow you to train other schools’ spells and can drastically improve your gameplay and strategies.

  • Prospector Zeke will ask you to find hidden items in major zones in each world. Each of the items are a reference to a band, but you will surely notice that after you’re hunting down the Beetles. Check the image link if you need any help with your hunt.
  • Eloise Merryweatheralways stands beside Prospector Zeke, but her rewards aren’t that interesting. This changes in Khrysalis and beyond. She will have a training point quest in Khrysalis and every world thereafter. In Novus, the Eloise quest rewards a Gold Skeleton Key instead.

Other important training point quests:

  • Ogden Peake will greet you once you arrive in Celestia. He will have 3 quests for you, which you can pick up at levesl 52, 54 and 56.
  • Friendly zebra, Inyanga Whitestripes, from Zafaria will give you 2 training points. The first comes from the questline starting with “Staff of Solomon” and leads to “Mane of Terror”. Then, you’ll questline for the second training point. (“Professor Who?” + “Relative Dimensions”).
  • Librarian Francis Lux in the world of knights, aka Avalon, will give you 4 quests and reward you with 3 training points. Don’t forget to accept Down in the Bayeux quest from Sir Pike Del Lago, since this is a necessary pre-quest for the librarian’s tapestry hunt.
  • Lastly, you can receive an extra training point from Zaltana the Mirrormask in Khrysalis. Start the quest “Shadows of History” and finish with “Shades of Shadow”.


The next category include quests which either grant you new spells, give you ability to purchase them with training points, or let you farm for them. Keep in mind that we won’t include bosses like Lambent Fire. While he can drop a spell, he doesn’t appear in any quest.

  • Grizzleheim and Wintertusk are interesting side worlds. They are completely optional, but will give you access to side quests, which will reward you with new spells. Talk to Erik Wyrdune in Northguard once you reach level 35 and 55 and accept quests “Thief of Spells” and “The Spell Trade,” respectively. Note that you must first complete the quest: “One in the Snout” to unlock the level 35 spell quest and “Su Su Sudrilund” to unlock the level 55 quest.
  • Completing “The Spell Trade” will unlock 2 Avalon spell quests. The first one is “No Pain, No Agravaine” from Friar Nolan in Caliburn at Level 72 (assuming you’ve progressed far enough in Avalon). Completing this quest will then unlock “Always After Me Charms”, your level 75 spell quest.
  • The second spell is also from Avalon, but it’s slightly trickier to find. It’s a level 75 minion quest (quest name varies). You can activate it by speaking with Halston Balestrom in Ravenwood. However, in order to do that, you’ll need to finish both your level 55 quest from Wintertusk and all of Crab Alley first.

Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (2)Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (3)Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (4)Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (5)Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (6)Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (7)Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (8)

  • Darkmoor is one of the toughest dungeons, but it’s definitely worth the hassle. You will receive one of the shadow enchanted spells once you finish the second part. This dungeon is really hard, so make sure to check our guide before you enter this gloomy dungeon. You can find the gold skeleton key boss, Aphrodite II, in the third dungeon after you get your spell. This plant boss is tough and a long fight for sure, but you will have a chance to receive a life spell, Sacred Charge, as a drop.
  • Inyanga Whitestripesfrom Zafaria will have plenty of quests for you. We’ve already learned which ones are for training points in the previous section. Also worth noting are the quests are “Astral Weeks” and “Bungle in the Jungle”, which will unlock the Star and Sun obelisks.

Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (9)

Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (10)

  • “Bungle in the Jungle” is also requirement for a series of side quests, which will open the astral school obelisks in Azteca:
    • Star school level 84 – “Across the Universe” from Pacal Redmask, which leads to:
    • Sun school Level 86 – “Turn up the Sun” from Pacal Redmask, which leads to:
    • Moon school Level 88 – “Fly me to the Moon” from Zaylin Reedwalker.

Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (11)Pets

There are plenty of pets in the Spiral, but there are some specific ones that have a special place in our homes. These pets come from our teacher’s side quests and are nice starter pets in case you have a new account and can’t transfer a good pet from your higher leveled wizard.

Ravenwood School Teacher Quests:

  • Level 48 quest
  • After unlocking Nordilund: Level 58 quest
  • Following the Level 58 quest: Level 78
  • Following the Level 58 quest: Level 98

Arcanum School Teacher Quests:

  • After the Level 98 quest: Level 118 quest


Crafting is a really powerful activity, since it allows you to craft you some nice pieces of gear, housing items, or even mega snacks! Just pick up a side quest in Olde Town from Eudora Tangletree and follow the quest series. Check this link in case you accidentally get lost in your crafting journey.


Another popular side activity is gardening. The most popular reason for this is generating the mega snacks for pet training. They can also provide passive gold income, treasure cards, and reagents. Once you reach level 12, you can start the quest “Green Acres” from Moolinda Wu, which will explain some gardening basics, as well give you an option to purchase some seeds or spells from Farley in Wizard City. As you progress to higher worlds you’ll find more gardening vendors:

  • Farley – Golem court, Wizard City;
  • Charley – The oasis, Krokotopia;
  • Marley – Jade palace, Mooshu;
  • Harley – Celestia base camp, Celestia;
  • Narley – Savannah, Zafaria;
  • Roger the Shrubber – Abbey road, Avalon;
  • Barley – Silent market, Khrysalis;
  • Ivaldi Silverpelt – Nordrilund, Wintertusk.

You don’t need to do quests to unlock majority of these vendors, but there are some exceptions. Narley will unlock by itself as you’ll be doing storyline quests in Savannah, Zafaria. However, this changes once you reach Avalon. You’ll need to do the quest “There’s the Shrub” from Sumner Fieldgold in Caliburn in order to unlock Roger the Shrubber and his goodies. This quest is also locked by gardening rank, so it is possible that you won’t have access to it right away.

Barley is the last gardening vendor you need to unlock with a quest. You need to have gardening rank of at least 15 and finish Eclipse tower quests in order to unlock the quest “Bring the Green” from Zaltanna the Mirrormask in Bastion. You’ll need to do series of quests, but eventually you’ll see a new gardening vendor in the Silent Market.

Potion FlaskSide Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (12)

However, this isn’t the last useful thing we receive from Zaltana the MirrorMask. You get three potion flasks relatively early in the game, but that’s all we receive. That’s until we pick up the “Message in a Bottle” quest from this Mantis and receive the fourth one. It’s a nice addition, which will make some dungeon runs much easier.


Another side activity that unlocks at level 12 is Monstrology. Some players hate it, some love it, but one thing is for sure: you need to try it. Pick up the side quest “Know Thine Enemy” from Monstrologist Burke in Ravenwood and start hunting some undead. This will allow you to collect animus from defeated enemies with monstrology enchanted cards. You can later use this animus to create housing guests, summon a minion, or create a treasure card to kill the same enemy with one hit. Unfortunately, not all creatures can be extracted , so make sure to check our list to find out which ones you like and/or need. Keep in mind that specific types of creatures can only be extracted with specific monstrology cards – search for Monstrologist Burke across the Spiral to learn her spells:

  • Ravenwood, Wizard City;
  • Colossus Boulevard, Wizard City;
  • The Oasis, Krokotopia;
  • Northguard, Grizzleheim;
  • Pigswick Academy, Wysteria;
  • Baobab Crossroads, Zafaria;
  • Caliburn, Avalon;
  • The Zocalo, Azteca;
  • Walruskberg, Polaris.

Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (13)

Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (14)


The next side system is fishing. Search for Lucky Hookline in the Commons at level 7 and accept the quest “A River runs through it”. Simply follow the series of quests through the Spiral in order to get access to stronger and better spells. You can use fish to craft mega snacks or use them as a decorations in one of your homes. Or you can fish for treasure chest and hunt for rare reagents in form of Shining Scales, code wands, or even a mount!


The most recent side activity is Cantrips. Talk to Abner K. Doodlein the Commons at level 25 to receive the “Cantrips101” quest, which will take you to the Cantrips trainer in Wysteria. Cantrips allow you to perform fun mid-air somersaults or play rock-paper-scissors, but can also have significant uses in combat and Raids. Learning the basics of Cantrips is essential for opening Cantrip chests, which grant spellements in various worlds.

Unique loot

Finally, jewels and treasure cards are a pretty common drop and generally nothing special. But there is a quest which gives you a reward you won’t find anywhere else. Brandon in Forlorn Tayg will give you the quest “Trial by Dragon’s Fire”, which will send you back to a Dragonspyre. You will get your school’s Brandon minion jewel and a Brandon minion treasure card as a reward once you turn in the quest. The boss in this quest, Neberyx, can drop every Brandon jewel/treasure card, as well as a unique helmet. While you won’t find these rewards anywhere else, you can always repeat the boss in a chance to get additional copies.

Did we miss any side quests with a unique reward?

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  • Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (16)
  • Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (17)
  • Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (18)
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Side Quests Every Wizard Should Do - Final Bastion (2024)


What level should you be at the end of celestia? ›

Re: What level were you when you beat Celestia

Grotto is about 1/5 of the way through, so at lvl 52 you will probably gain a level per area so yea Frosteyes' estimate is reasonable. If you do side quests, you will likely be 60 before you get the summons to Zafaria.

Is Grizzleheim optional? ›

Grizzleheim is optional to complete.

Should you do side quests in Wizard101? ›

Some give you loot, some provide an intriguing backstory, and others give great XP. However, some side quests stand out, as they give you unique and rare rewards. Furthermore, these quests make your Wizard101 life easier and enhance your experience as a whole.

Can you solo Wizard101? ›

Expect soloing to be tricky at times and don't feel bad if you's not because you're weak or not good enough, everyone gets battles like that even when they're in a team! You're almost at Waterworks and your stats will shoot up with Waterworks gear and you'll find everything easier!

Who ascended into Celestia? ›

Celestia is a mysterious place in Teyvat that only gods can access, ruled by the Heavenly Principles. Vennessa and Guhua are legendary figures who ascended to Celestia after receiving Visions, showcasing the path to godhood in Genshin Impact lore.

What happens if you ascend to Celestia? ›

In-game model

It is said that only mortals who perform great, heroic feats can ascend to Celestia and achieve godhood, where they will watch over their people from above. All Vision wielders are "allogenes" who have the potential to reach godhood.

Should I do celestia or wintertusk first? ›

If you are unsure about which world to do first, the answer, if you take my recommendation, is Wintertusk! A lot of people have complained that Celestia is too hard... So, KI, has made Wintertusk... You can easily go from Grandmaster to Level 58, by doing all the quests and side quests in Wintertusk...

Why is Grizzleheim XP so low? ›

You Get Great Experience

Grizzleheim is really underwhelming in this departement. You get nearly no experience at all from this world. That's mostly the case because it's a world meant for level 20 wizards. In contrast, Wintertusk offers us something completely different: heaps of xp!

What world is after celestia? ›

Re: what world is after Celestia? Zafaria.

What is the most op school in Wizard101? ›

There are no BEST schools. However, storm is the MOST POWERFUL. Second in the list of power is Fire, Myth, Death, Balance, Life, Ice.

Is berserk worth it Wizard101? ›

Berserk can be a handy spell if you use it wisely. For my wizards I make sure to use it when I know I have a pretty decent resist to whatever school the enemy is. If you plan ahead and shield up before you cast it, like you might when using a feint, things should be fine.

Can you beat Wizard101 without membership? ›

Wizard101 has a free to play area that you're invited to enjoy for as long as you want, however every school has a tuition. If players wish to explore beyond Triton Avenue, they will need to purchase time in the game with a Membership, or areas in the game with crowns.

What is the easiest wizard to solo in wizard101? ›

Honestly, life, death, and ice are probably the best options for soloing, life because of all the healing, and can usually manage their own, death because of the sapping health and feint is a huge help, ice because of the great resist and tank health, no class is able to solo the whole game, but some can come pretty ...

What is the best solo school in wizard101? ›

I think the best class 2 solo with is death. Because u can heal and kill. Death RULES! I would say that storm and life make a good team because if you need healing, life spells do the trick.

What school goes best with death in wizard101? ›

Balance, like Life, goes well with most things, but benefit the most from a high damage-dealer like Myth, Storm or Fire. In a pinch, it works with Death. Ice and Life are bad schools to combine with Balance, as you will have some difficulties actually hitting stuff hard enough to kill it fast.

What level should I be in Celestia wizard101? ›

The average level for Celestia is level 48. Since you're level 45, you're under leveled. So, as you suggested, consider doing side worlds; Grizzleheim and Wintertusk (especially).

What is the last boss in Celestia? ›

Sealed away in the Solar Sanctum, Mithraya is the final Boss of Celestia. Two additional Stellar Protector (Boss) Minions appear if more than two Wizards are present.

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