World Snooker Championship 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O'Sullivan crashes OUT (2024)

World Snooker Championship 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O'Sullivan crashes OUT (1)

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  • Cosmo Teare

THE World Snooker Championship semi-finals are back on TODAY in what will be another thriller at The Crucible!

Stuart Bingham is a favourite to lift the crown after dumping Ronnie O'Sullivan out the tournament, but the Englishman is currently locked in a tense battle with Jak Jones as the pair are tied at 8-8.

While the other last-4 tie - Kyren Wilson vs David Gilbert was also incredibly close until Wilson opened up the gap to 14-10 to put one foot in the final.

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  • Explainer: What is the prize money?


Follow ALL the action from Crucible with our live blog below...

  • 12 minutes agoBy Cosmo Teare

    Full schedule for today

    Here's today's full schedule at the Crucible.

    Jak Jones is on course to make the final with a two frame lead.

    It's a remarkable record for the qualifier who is looking to go all the way.


    Stuart Bingham 9-11 Jak Jones


    Kyren Wilson 14-10 David Gilbert


    Stuart Bingham 9-11 Jak Jones


  • 37 minutes agoBy Cosmo Teare

    Stuart Bingham 9-11 Jak Jones

    Jones wins this mini-session 3-1 before the interval.

    Momentum seems to be with him now as the qualifier looks to make a dream final.

    While Ken Doherty said Jones looked "nervous" early on, he now says those nerves look to be purely with Bingham.


  • 46 minutes agoBy Cosmo Teare

    Stuart Bingham 9-10 Jak Jones

    The commentators have referenced both players "feeling the heat" in the Crucible right now with both making errors on the 20th frame.

    But a great shot from Jones has left him favourite to take this one.

    He could enter the interval two frames up.


  • Today, 11:30By Cosmo Teare

    Stuart Bingham 9-10 Jak Jones

    That was a thrilling frame that swung back and forth but Jones ultimately takes it!

    The qualifier is in the lead for the first time this session.

    Could we be witnessing a fairy tale at the Crucible this year?


  • Today, 10:48By Cosmo Teare

    Stuart Bingham 9-9 Jak Jones

    After a costly mistake let Bingham back to the table, it looked as though the veteran may have raced into a two frame lead.

    But when given the chance, Jones managed to take the frame and make sure this match doesn't race away from him.


  • Today, 10:27By Cosmo Teare

    Stuart Bingham 9-8 Jak Jones

    Back at the table this morning, Bingham takes the first frame of the second session.

    Ken Doherty has said that Jones looks "nervous" out on the table today.

    Time will tell whether the qualifier can do it today.


  • Bingham vs Jones back ON

    We're back underway at The Crucible as Stuart Bingham and Jak Jones continue their incredibly close clash which stands at 8-8.

    Can the qualifier Jak Jones do it?

    Or will Stuart Bingham prevail on the ninth anniversary of his 2015 World Championship triumph?


  • Today, 10:00By Kieran Davies

    Field of dreams for semi-finalists

    One of the four players looking to book their place in the final, will see their world change if they get to lift the famous trophy.

    While talk is ongoing about the venue of this tournament in years to come, snooker purists know there can only be one....The Crucible.

    It was has witnessed some unforgettable snooker of the years and we hope to see more of it this weekend.


  • Today, 09:43By James Orr

    Today's schedule

    Here is how we are shaping up for The Crucible today.

    And we reconvene with the incredibly tight clash between Stuart Bingham and Jak Jones.


    Stuart Bingham 8-8 Jak Jones


    Kyren Wilson 14-10 David Gilbert


    Stuart Bingham v Jak Jones


  • Today, 08:00By Kieran Davies

    Gilbert needing comeback to remember

    David Gilbert needs to do the unthinkable today and send the favourite for the World Snooker Championship packing.

    Kyren Wilson leads by four frames, only needing three more to book his place in the final.

    Should Gilbert steal the match and end up in Sunday's final, it will be a performance to remember.


  • Today, 06:00By Kieran Davies

    No closer to knowing finalists

    Although you would lean towards Kyren Wilson seeing the match out against David Gilbert, The Crucible is the place for upsets.

    With Stuart Bingham and Jak Jones locked in a stalemate, we are no closer to knowing who is going to grace this year's final.

    It shows the levels the players are at that everything is still so finely poised.

    One thing you can guarantee, The Crucible will be packed for every day's play as snooker's elite tournament decides a winner.


  • Today, 04:00By Kieran Davies

    Order of play for Crucible action

    Here is how the action is scheduled for today:


    Stuart Bingham 8-8 Jak Jones


    Kyren Wilson 14-10 David Gilbert


    Stuart Bingham v Jak Jones


  • Today, 02:00By Kieran Davies

    Nothing to separate early starters

    Stuart Bingham and Jak Jones ended their session tied at 8-8.

    There is still a long way to go in this best of 33 frames match.

    It is impossible to pick a winner as we have seen so far, the game swinging from one player to the other.

    They both will have watched the evening session between Wilson and Gilbert and will be more than aware how quickly their luck can change.


  • 3rd May 2024, 00:01By Kieran Davies

    Gilbert blows away demons with century

    David Gilbert seemed to be a in a dark place for most of the second half of the evening session.

    Nothing was going his way and his potting ability had left him.

    Winning the last frame will have been a huge boost to Gilbert, especially in the manner he did it with a century break.

    All the crowd were behind him and cheered every single pot.

    He will regroup now overnight and feel if he brings his game he is more than capable of staging a comeback.


  • 3rd May 2024, 23:00By Kieran Davies

    Jones looking to make Morgan proud

    In a weird twist of his childhood, Jak Jones was never really into snooker.

    It was a holiday in Greece where former Crucible semi-finalist Darren Morgan saw him playing pool.

    He got him on the snooker table and Welshman has never looked back since.

    Jones would love nothing more than to book his place in this weekend's final to show Morgan's talent spotting eye is spot on.


  • 3rd May 2024, 22:08By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 14-10 David Gilbert

    A fantastic break of 101 wins the frame for David Gilbert.

    Psychologically that will be a huge positive going into the next session.

    The crowd roared as the black went in, a brilliant clearance from a player who was really struggling to find some form in the match.


  • 3rd May 2024, 22:04By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 14-9 David Gilbert

    Gilbert pots a sensational long red to give himself hope.

    He is currently on a break of 38 and leads in the frame 68-1.

    If he can seal this frame it will leave him only four frames behind going into the next session.


  • 3rd May 2024, 21:57By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 14-9 David Gilbert

    Gilbert manages a break of 30 but tries a plant into the middle that does not come off.

    He was deperately unlucky going into the pack that the cue ball did not leave him an available red.

    The frame is finely poised now with Gilbert leading 30-1 but both players trying to play safety shots to not allow their opponent the chance to put a break together.


  • 3rd May 2024, 21:47By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 14-9 David Gilbert

    A break of 30 sees Wilson take the frame 69-23.

    Things are just not going well for Gilbert and he really needs to win the final frame of the session to stay in this match for tomorrow.

    This next frame could be so pivotal in the outcome of this match.


  • 3rd May 2024, 21:43By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 13-9 David Gilbert

    A break of 39 for Wilson but the cannon into the pack didn't work for him.

    He leads the frame 39-23 but Gilbert goes for a long pot and is a country mile away from the pocket.

    The way he is playing at the moment, David Gilbert must just want to get back to the hotel and regroup right now.


  • 3rd May 2024, 21:38By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 13-9 David Gilbert

    Gilbert amasses a break of 23, potting a fantastic long red into the yellow pocket.

    As the crowd erupts as it goes in, he goes for the green next and overcuts it and hangs his head in disbelief.

    Kyren Wilson has a chance to take advantage of his opponent's poor form in this session now.


  • 3rd May 2024, 21:32By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 13-9 David Gilbert

    With all the colours remaining, Wilson misses a cut on the black after potting the last red and returns to his seat.

    Gilbert looks at the board and concedes the frame.

    He heads off for a toilet break and no doubt to try and clear his head as he falls four frames behind.

    The craziest thing is, he only needed two snookers in the last frame to be able to win it.


  • 3rd May 2024, 21:30By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 12-9 David Gilbert

    After being gifted another chance to get into this frame, Gilbert plays a poor attempt at potting the brown with the rest.

    The ball rattles and cue ball comes down the table and gives Wilson the chance to put this frame to bed.

    He leads this frame 40-14 with just one red left on the table, which is tight to the bottom cushion.


  • 3rd May 2024, 21:23By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 12-9 David Gilbert

    Both players are feeling the pressure right now.

    Gilbert misses a pot and leaves Wilson with what seems a simple red into the yellow pocket.

    He rattles it and leaves Gilbert with a chance to address his demons.

    Wilson leads the frame 39-5 currently.

    Unbelievably Gilbert misses a simple cut of the blue into the middle pocket, things have gone pear-shaped for him in this session.


  • 3rd May 2024, 21:14By Kieran Davies

    Kyren Wilson 12-9 David Gilbert

    After missing a pot, for the first time, David Gilbert's head drops.

    He presents another chance to Wilson to put together a frame-winning break.

    Wilson leads 19-4 at the moment but the reds are spread and the colours are all in positions that present no problem to him.



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World Snooker Championship 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O'Sullivan crashes OUT (2024)


Who won snooker today in 2024? ›

Kyren Wilson won the 2024 World Snooker Championship with an 18-14 final win over Jak Jones.

Who won the snooker between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stuart Bingham? ›

Qualifier Stuart Bingham reeled off three frames in a row to sensationally knock Ronnie O'Sullivan out of this year's World Snooker Championship. The pair had been inseparable for much of their quarter-final tie, but once it reached 10-10, the 2015 winner put his foot down and claimed a famous victory.

Is John Higgins still in the snooker? ›

Higgins can now breathe a sigh of relief, and he can now look forward to the 2024/25 season with renewed vigour.

Has Kyren Wilson won? ›

Kyren Wilson holds off Jak Jones to win his first World Snooker Championship. Snooker has a new grandmaster of the baize – but unlike so many of his predecessors, the story of Kyren Wilson has been far from straightforward.

Does Stephen Hendry have a wife? ›

He later returned to Kirkliston, attending nearby Queensferry High School from the age of fourteen, and lived in a flat in South Queensferry during the early part of his professional career. Hendry met his future wife Amanda (Mandy) Tart at a Pontins holiday camp when he was 16.

How much is the snooker prize money? ›

The World Championship is the richest prize in snooker with players sharing a total prize fund of £2,395,000. The winner will receive £500,000, with the runner-up pocketing £200,000 and the losing semi-finalists netting £100,000 each.

Is Ronnie O Sullivan the best snooker player in the world? ›

O'Sullivan is tied with Stephen Hendry on seven Crucible crowns after his most recent victory in 2022 - one ahead of Steve Davis and Ray Reardon - and has won the most ranking titles (41) of any player.

When was the last time Ronnie O Sullivan won? ›

Tournament Record - Ronnie O'Sullivan In World Championship
TournamentFinishPrize Money (GBP)
2016 World ChampionshipLast 1622,000
2015 World ChampionshipQuarter-final30,000
2014 World ChampionshipFinal125,000
2013 World ChampionshipWinner250,000
28 more rows

Why was Stuart Bingham suspended from snooker? ›

Why was Stuart Bingham banned from snooker? In October 2017, Bingham was found guilty of breaking World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) rules on betting on matches involving himself and other players.

Who is the richest snooker player in the world? ›

Ronnie O'Sullivan - £32m

Unsurprisingly, the greatest snooker player of all time is the wealthiest. The 47-year-old is worth a reported £32m, thanks to tournament winnings and sponsorship deals.

Who was the oldest snooker player? ›

In 1978, Reardon became the oldest world snooker champion, aged 45 years and 203 days, a record that lasted until 2022 when Ronnie O'Sullivan won the title, aged 46 years and 148 days. Reardon also became the oldest player to win a ranking event, which he accomplished in 1982, aged 50 years and 14 days.

How much does the winner of World Snooker get? ›

More than £2million is distributed to players across the tournament, with even £20,000 going home to those that exited the tournament in the first round. Wilson will cash in on £500,000 for winning the event, the largest cash prize on offer during the World Snooker Tour.

How many titles has Kyren Wilson won? ›

Kyren James Wilson (/ˈkaɪrən/; born 23 December 1991) is an English professional snooker player from Kettering. He is a six-time ranking event winner and the current world champion, having won the 2024 World Snooker Championship.

Did Jak Jones win the snooker? ›

Wilson 16-10 Jones

A few long misses by Jak Jones proved detrimental to the Welshman starting on the front foot. A long safety battle ensued that Wilson won and Jones had several chances to take the frame, but they went begging for the qualifier, as Wilson closes on his first World Championship title.

Who won the world snooker today? ›

Kyren Wilson was crowned the winner of the 2024 World Snooker Championship after holding off Jak Jones to win the Crucible final 18-14.

Who is winning the snooker final today? ›

Kyren Wilson held off a spirited final-session rally from Welsh qualifier Jak Jones to win the World Snooker Championship final 18-14.

Who won the snooker tonight? ›

Kyren Wilson survived a stirring fightback from qualifier Jak Jones to win the world snooker title for the first time at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

Who is the current world snooker champion? ›

Kyren Wilson

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